fun things to do in Chandler AZ

Family Fun in Chandler, Arizona Chandler, Arizona is the ideal place for a sun-drenched family adventure. You and your kids — no matter how old they are — will never run out of fun things to do there. Among these things are attractions focused on bringing your family together as well as special events year-round. […]

Carebear Preschool

Carebear Preschool: Quality Education for Children Ages 2 – 5 Carebear Preschool provides quality education for children ages 2 through 5. Teachers facilitate play and learning, teaching more by example and engagement than through top-down instruction. This works with a child’s natural instinct to observe and mimic, allowing teachers to provide more direct instruction as […]

Five Simple Ways to Store Your Shoes

You know you love your shoes. From buying them to wearing them, the process is simply thrilling. But storing them…hmmm….that’s not always so much fun! Thankfully, we’ve come up with five easy ways to store your shoes. Once you have one of these strategies in place, you can store your shoes easier than ever! #1. […]