Chandler AZ Data Center Cyrus One

CyrusOne Phoenix Data Center (Chandler) Arizona 85248
The CyrusOne is an extraordinary data center situated on an eighty-five-acre campus in Chandler AZ, a prominent suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. There are plans to continue with the expansion until there is an impressive and updated two million square foot data center. There is a surplus of acreage available allowing for custom-built options implementing state of the art design in every square foot.

Greenfield Builds
With CyrusOne’s Greenfield solution any project will be done just the way you pictured it. Your team and ours will work together from start to finish ensuring everything is taken care of including the design, permits, any specialties needed and the construction phase of your data center.

Powered Shells
As one of CyrusOne’s valued clients, you also have the option of storing your data in one or many of our mobile-powered shells allowing a fast time to market. Adjustable power levels and a variety of connection methods all within first-class office space are all available inside your powered shell.

Enormous Space for Full or Partial Data Halls
The CyrusOne design team will help you discover your unique technical requirements. Every member of the team is devoted to helping you find the perfect level of power, cooling, connectivity and any applications needed in a timely and professional manner.

How CyrusOne Rates as a Data Center

Work first started in June of 2012 on CyrusOne which will be the nation’s largest digital data center. In the beginning, there were plans for a fifty-seven-acre campus that could provide nearly one million square feet of space when completed.

The first building was finished and went online in the final few months of 2012 and houses 180,000 colocation square feet (CSF). An additional 180,000 CSF came online in 2014. Research has revealed enough room for approximately eight additional buildings upon this campus, making CyrusOne in Arizona a very special location when speaking of location.

Green Energy
Another characteristic that makes CyrusOne in Phoenix very unique is its ability to re-use energy to the fullest. This allows savings to be passed along to business enterprises that set up their servers at this location.

The CyrusOne Data Center’s design has a V-shaped roof with both sides slanting inward and meeting in the center. This allows the collection and re-application of the groundwater away from the building via an underground system. The V-shaped roof also makes it possible for the CyrusOne to operate with a highly-efficient cooling model while sustaining a very low overall power usage effectiveness rating (PUE).

The innovative design of the inward sloping roof allows the CyrusOne to achieve an average consumption of approximately 250 watts per-square-foot. It can even satisfy the large demands of some customers with its ability to go as high as 1,000 watts per-square-foot. Collectively this enables the CyrusOne to stand-out among its competitors by providing more energy, efficient use of that energy and leaves a smaller overall impact on the environment in our modern-day.

Secure Data
At CyrusOne Data Center your information is secured under the highest-tech surveillance system available twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year non-stop. CyrusOne meets or exceeds all federal and government security standard and qualification requirements for secure data storage. CyrusOne provides a team of security experts onsite at all times. CyrusOne also offers the option to have your trained security staff onsite twenty-four hours a day if desired.

Safe Environment
Strategically located in one of the safest and environmentally friendly sectors of the country. The CyrusOne Data Center is located in an area perfect for Fortune 500 companies who have high demands when it comes to data. The Chandler area is proven to be one of the safest locations in the country from many of our modern natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more minor seismic unrest.

At the CyrusOne modular data center the maximum in flexibility while maintaining strict reliability standards has been brought together in one location. New data halls are available in only 12-16 weeks by employing strategic sourcing. The modular flexibility of the CyrusOne allows customers the freedom to expand, a characteristic often not found in other data centers with limited space due to limited time or space, land or operational problems.

If you find yourself in need of large amounts of the highest tech data service available with the greatest expandability and the lowest operation cost around, look no further. The CyrusOne Data Center in Chandler near 85248 has it all. Able to handle the demands of both large and small corporations, investors, businesses, government agencies and all in a cost-effective way by using innovation to cut design, construction and operation costs. This allows much of that savings to be passed on to you, the consumer.