How to Cool Your Home If Your AC Is Broken

Imagine that it’s a sweltering hot day in the middle of July and, unexpectedly, your air conditioner malfunctions. You try to contact your local Chandler air service to come out for an emergency repair but due to the high demand, it could be several hours before a technician can make it to your home to fix your unit. While you are waiting, here are a few tips on how you can keep your home cool.

Using a Fan

Did you know that running fans are the most effective and convenient ways to keep any room of your home cool without using the AC? You’ll feel about 4 degrees cooler with the wind-chill effect, which will make your home feel like it’s 80 degrees instead of 84, for instance.

When running a ceiling fan, blow it downward to create a breeze. When you’re not in the room, be sure you turn the fan off to save energy. The wind-chill effect doesn’t cool the temperature in the room – it only cools humans.

After the sun sets, put some fans in the windows. These will draw in cooler air from the outside. If you have a fan in your attic, turn it on at night so it will funnel cool air throughout your home. In the mornings, remember to turn the attic fan off and close the windows to keep cool air inside.

Cooling Yourself Down

Running fans isn’t the only way you can keep cool. Another trick is to place a wet towel around your neck and also wear damp clothes. You can also wash your bed sheets without drying them to help you sleep. As a rule of thumb, always stay hydrated because as the temperature rises, you’re more likely to sweat.

Cooling a Room with Ice

Try this for a moment – pour some water into a glass and put some ice cubes in it, then place your hand above the rim of the glass. The air should feel cooler. To cool a room with ice, all you have to do is put a large block of ice in a casserole dish or on a baking sheet. The ice’s cooling effects can keep a room cool for a while until the repairman comes to fix your air conditioner.

Reducing Excess Heat from Entering Your Home

West and south-facing rooms are the most difficult to cool. To reduce sunlight and heat from entering these rooms, draw the shades over these windows. Dark, thick curtains that have reflective white backings are more effective to keep rooms that face the sun much cooler. And if your home design has natural cooling, there might be trees on the west and south sides to keep your home shaded during the afternoon hours.

Reducing Excess Heat Produced Inside Your Home

Reducing your home’s interior heat gain is another effective strategy to keep a room cool. If your air conditioner is broken and you need to offset the heat, it will become hot if you try to use heat-generating appliances such as the dishwasher, oven, dryer, or stove. Food should be prepared in your microwave if you have no AC, and you should wait until after the sun goes down to utilize the dishwasher and dryer.

Scheduling AC Replacement and Repair Services

Broken air conditioners are major inconveniences for a majority of people, especially if they break down during the worst part of the summer when you really need it to work. If your air conditioner is over 10 years old and needs a repair that costs more than $500, it’s probably reached the end of its life. To avoid future repairs and save money on your electricity bills, consider installing a replacement high-efficiency air conditioner.

This is where Precision Air & Heating AC Repair comes in. If you need a replacement or you want to repair your existing Chandler Arizona AC unit, we’re ready to help. To get a free installation quote on a new AC or to learn more about the cooling services we offer, give us a call today.