fun things to do in Chandler AZ

Family Fun in Chandler, Arizona
Chandler, Arizona is the ideal place for a sun-drenched family adventure. You and your kids — no matter how old they are — will never run out of fun things to do there. Among these things are attractions focused on bringing your family together as well as special events year-round. They also have terrific family restaurants that will satisfy all tastes.

Chandler experiences in excess of 330 days of sun every year, so you will not have to worry about bad weather limiting your time at one of the area’s 60 parks. This includes Playtopia at Tumbleweed Park, which is one of the biggest playgrounds in the entire region. It offers 2.5 acres of slides and bridges and structures your children can climb over.   Stratum Laser Tag offers a fun indoor adventure with their multi-level area.

Another great park to visit is Veterans Oasis Park, where you can take walks around the lake and watch the birds that gather there. You can also take a self-guided tour through the Chandler Solar System Walk.

On some days you might rather stay indoors, and Chandler has a number of air-conditioned family-fun centers that are tailor-made for entertaining your kids. This includes Makutua’s Island and Giggles. Other great places to visit with the kids are Bounce-A-Rama, which is an amusement center with arcade games and inflatable structures, and Jumpstreet, which provides large trampolines for your kids to play on.

Other family-fun centers in the area to consider are Xtreme Air, which has two locations in the city, and both the Gravity Extreme Zone and Kids That Rip.

For those who like water sports, Chandler has a number of aquatic centers and splash pads that are the perfect places to cool you and your family on a hot day.

Chandler also provides lots of opportunities for those who enjoy the arts. The Chandler Center for the Arts offers many forms of entertainment throughout the year. This includes music and magic as well as ballet and other forms of dance, all performed by leading regional, national and international acts. The center also offers special yearly events, too.

One of the more interesting and unique attractions in the city is Escape Chandler. There they put you and your family into a room, and to escape you must work together as a team to find clues and solve puzzles. It is a live-action adventure game that is not only lots of fun but will also bring your family closer.

Finally, Chandler is only a short distance from Phoenix and from all the city has to offer. This includes the acclaimed Phoenix Zoo, which was specifically designed to help children connect with nature.

Carebear Preschool

Carebear Preschool: Quality Education for Children Ages 2 – 5
Carebear Preschool
Carebear Preschool Chandler AZ
Carebear Preschool provides quality education for children ages 2 through 5. Teachers facilitate play and learning, teaching more by example and engagement than through top-down instruction. This works with a child’s natural instinct to observe and mimic, allowing teachers to provide more direct instruction as needed. Every child is valued as an individual and learning is tailored to each student’s needs and interests.
Carrie Kuhns, a certified early education teacher, founded Carebear Preschool in 2002 in Chandler, Arizona, on the south side of Phoenix. Its mission was clear: to prepare children for education in every way: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical, with a special emphasis on both language and creative development. Through innovative teaching at a young age, Carebear Preschool provides a sturdy starting point for each child’s educational journey.
The regular school day is from 8 AM to 2:45 PM. Families that need more time can enroll their child(ren) in early and/or late care, extending the day from 7 AM to 6 PM. Various weekly schedules are available to accommodate families’ needs. These include: 5 days (Mon. – Fri.), 3 days (Mon. / Wed. / Fri.), and 2 days (Tues. / Thurs.). Younger classes also have a mornings only option.
Carebear Preschool AZ
Carebear Preschool Chandler Arizona
Carebear Preschool encourages parent involvement for all students. Parents are welcome to visit during the school day and participate in special school events such as holiday celebrations. Parents are also encouraged to check in with their child(ren)’s teacher for brief daily updates as well as to attend longer parent / teacher conferences.
Child safety is of utmost importance at Carebear Preschool. Every child must be signed in at drop off and signed out at pick up by a parent. No one else may pick up a child without prior written permission. Furthermore, a state of the art security system monitors the building at all times, and no one can enter without a numeric code. Since everyone must enter and exit through the main lobby, Carebear Preschool is always aware of who is in the building and why.
Since food allergies are such a dangerous problem for some children, Carebear Preschool is a nut-free campus. Parents must notify the school of any allergies, and a snack calendar will be sent home each month. Students also bring a packed lunch from home, which must be nut-free. This ensures the parents can provide a lunch best suited to each child’s individual taste, as well as his or her nutrition needs.
Carebear Preschool is dedicated to raising physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy kids. Through fun learning projects, skill-based activities, and daily outside play (weather permitting), children learn about themselves and the world around them. Just as important, children at Carebear Preschool also develop the social skills to work and play well with others, providing them a solid foundation for elementary school and life.

Five Simple Ways to Store Your Shoes

You know you love your shoes. From buying them to wearing them, the process is simply thrilling. But storing them…hmmm….that’s not always so much fun! Thankfully, we’ve come up with five easy ways to store your shoes. Once you have one of these strategies in place, you can store your shoes easier than ever!

#1. Closet Shelves for Shoes. Rather than toss your shoes out on the closet floor, invest in some closet shelves and start putting them out in department-store fashion. With shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling, you can store shoes in a way that keeps them clean and gives you the freedom to pick a pair with ease.

#2. Tilted Shelves for Shoes. If you have the time and resources, take your shelving process a step farther and design shelves that are slightly tilted. The tilted shelves make it possible to see the shoes clearer than flat shelves, and also add simple elegance to your space.

#3. Shoe Rails are Perfect for Heels. Sure, they may not help if you’ve got a closet full of sneakers and running shoes, but rails are a good option if you find yourself over-run by heels. These rails give you the ability to not only keep your shoes off the floor, but offer a great view of your favorite pumps.

#4. Bins for Shoes. Spacious closets are every woman’s dream – but they’re not always a reality. If you don’t have enough room to build shelves, consider investing in some bins for shoe storage. You can choose mini bins, which give you plenty of room for all your shoes, or maxi bins which give you a better view of each individual shoe.

#5. Shoe Racks that Rotate. If you don’t have room to display all of your shoes, a rotating rack might be a great plan. These racks spin around, giving you the chance to peruse your shoes with a simply turn.