Full-Arch Replacements: New Smiles in One Day

Dental implant dentures diagram

If a person is missing an entire row of teeth, there are dental options available to them. Although dentures or single dental implants can be the solution, a full-arch restoration may be the best bet. It is a procedure that can help to restore your smile in as little as one day and is happily affordable.

A Revolution in Missing Teeth

When patients have a full row of missing teeth, they have an immediate need to fix the problem. With replacement teeth being so high in demand, a revolution has been reached in the form of full-arch restoration. This is an innovative treatment that is also known as “implant supported dentures.” It is performed by using a combination of dentures and dental implant technology. It can be done quickly and inexpensively to restore your smile in as little as a single day.

Dentures and Dental Implants Combo

Regular dentures are often not idea due to being painful and unstable in the mouth. They are also inconvenient and can pose problems with basic functions like chewing. Dental implants, while a much better option, are really more appropriate for replacing individual teeth. They are also pricey and complicated when used for a full arch. However, when the two options are combined, it results in a treatment that is a fine solution for all. Implant supported overdentures work well to replace a full row of teeth and are affordable and effective. With the procedure, four dental implants are implanted in the jaw and a full bridge is attached to them. The result is a full row of teeth and the procedure can be done within a single dental appointment.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

There are several benefits you should know about implant supported dentures. They include the following:

Cost: The cost of this treatment is more affordable than when you only have dental implants covering an entire row of missing teeth.
Convenience: The procedure is convenient due to the combination of dentures and implants used.
Bone graft-free: While the procedure involves getting four implants, two are implanted at angles in the back of the jaw to maximize what part of the jawbone is available. As a result, the procedure does away with the need for bone grafting.
Faster healing: The procedure is fast and allows for faster healing.

Full Arch Replacement Procedure

Just like with any other dental implant treatment, you will receive anesthesia prior to the procedure so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. After your surgery, your mouth will probably feel sore, but this can easily be managed with the use of over-the-counter pain medications. The dentist will also discuss any possible prescriptions during your appointment.

Options for Implant Supported Dentures

When you come in for a full arch replacement, you have different options. You can choose from the following:

Ball attachment denture: With a ball attachment denture, two implants are implanted in the bottom jaw and a denture is placed over them. This offers more stability than regular dentures, but some movement still occurs. As a result, food can get caught underneath and cause soreness. You also need regular appointments for adjustment.
Bar attachment denture: The bar attachment denture is also known as “overdentures.” Four implants are placed in the lower jaw with a support bar to connect them. Internal retention clips are attached to the support bar as well. They offer better stability than the ball attachment denture and can be removed for cleaning.
Hybrid half-denture/half-fixed: This option is the most stable and is also known as the “screw retained denture.” It involves five or more dental implants that are screwed or clasped in place as a permanent solution. It is also easiest to clean without removal and is only removable at the dentist’s office.
Individual implants: Individual implants are an option for replacing every missing tooth in your mouth. While they are stable, look natural and allow you to preserve your jawbone, this option is expensive and takes multiple appointments to be completed.
Upper arch replacements: Upper arch replacements are essentially the same as the other treatment options but often require additional implants due to softer bone.

If you have a row of missing teeth and want a great option that is fast and effective, consider a full-arch replacement. It can restore your smile in only one day and restore your confidence.